(Partners and Communities Together)


PACT (Partners and Communities Together) is a partnership meeting which gives residents of Wolverhampton an opportunity to regularly meet with their Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator, local policing staff and other local partners with the aim to tackle crime locally within their community.

The scheme provides local people with a practical way to influence what happens in their neighbourhood by working together to help determine local policing priorities.

At your local meeting you can:

- Help determine local priorities in your area

- Be informed on performance of  local policing

- Meet representatives from the police and council

- Receive feedback on previous priorities

- Raise issues and seek help on individual or community wide problems

PACT (Partners and Communities Together) is a partnership meeting which gives residents of Wolverhampton an opportunity to regularly meet with their Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator, local policing team and other local partners with the aim to tackle crime and community safety concerns at a local level.

Meetings are held on a Bi-monthly basis, and take place in every ward area across Wolverhampton. Meeting times are rotated to cater for all residents so that they are able to attend at times convenient to them.

The meetings provides communities a forum to influence what happens in their neighbourhood and facilitates partnership working between local agencies and residents.

At the meeting residents will:

The meetings are open for any local residents to come along and attend.

How Can I Get Involved?

Meeting dates, times and venues are detailed below and are open to any residents who live within the ward area where the meeting is held.
If you are not able attend a meeting but would like to have an input, you can contact your local Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator at any time or you can ask your local resident representative to raise a comment or issue on your behalf.

Who to Contact

Below are the names and contact details for your local Neighbourhood Safety Coordinators:

East Area

  • Laura Wallace
    01902 556617
  • Heath Town
  • Wednesfield North and South
  • Bilston East
  • Bilston North
  • East Park
  • Blakenhall
  • Ettingshall
  • Springvale

West Area

  • Chris Jellyman
    01902 551885
  • Bushbury North
  • Bushbury South and Low Hill
  • Oxley
  • Fallings Park
  • Penn
  • Merry Hill
  • St Peter’s
  • Park
  • Graisley
  • Tettenhall Regis and Wightwick

PACT Meeting Dates April 2019-March

St Peters/Park

Newhampton Arts 7/5/2019, 7pm

St Andrews 16/7/2019, 1pm

Newhampton Arts 10/9/2019, 7pm

St Andrews 08/11/2019, 1pm

Newhampton Arts 14/1/2020, 7pm

St Andrews 6/3/2020, 1pm

Newhampton Arts Centre: Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4AN | St Andrew's Church: St Andrew's Close, WV6 0QZ


St Chads 16/5/2019, 6:30pm

St Chads 5/7/2019, 1pm

St Chads 2/9/2019, 6:30pm

St Chads 1/11/2019, 1pm

St Chads 15/1/2020, 6:30pm

St Chads 4/3/2020, 1pm

St Chad's Community Centre: Owen Road, Penn Fields, WV3 0AL

Penn/Merry Hill

Bradmore Centre 2/5/2019, 7pm

Penn Cricket Club 2/7/2019, 1pm

Bradmore Centre 26/9/2019, 7pm

Penn Cricket Club 5/11/2019, 1pm

Bradmore Centre 30/1/2020, 7pm

Penn Cricket Club 3/3/2020, 1pm

Bradmore Community Centre: Sons of Rest Meeting Room, Bradmore Community Centre, Birches Barn Road, WV3 7BW
Penn Cricket Club: Mount Road, Penn, WV4 5RS


Kings School 20/5/2019, 5:30pm

Claregate Pavillion 4/7/2019, 1pm

Kings School 16/9/2019, 5:30pm

Claregate Pavillion 7/11/2019, 1pm

Kings School 20/1/2020, 5:30pm

Claregate Pavillion 5/3/2020, 1pm

King's School: Regis Road, WV6 8XG
Claregate Pavillion: Knights Crescent off Knights Avenue, Claregate, WV6 9PZ


Ashmore Park Hub 15/05/19, 6:30pm

Library 16/07/19, 10am

Ashmore Park Hub 10/09/19, 6:30pm

Library 19/11/19, 10am

Ashmore Park Hub 14/01/20, 6:30pm

Library 24/03/20, CANCELLED

Ashmore Park Hub: Griffiths Drive, WV11 2LH
Wednesfield Library: Well Lane, WV11 1XT


Stratton Street 14/05/19, 10am

Fire Station 15/07/19, 6:30pm

Holy Trinity 5/09/19, 10am

Stratton Street 19/11/20, 6:30pm

Stratton Street 9/01/20, 10am

Fire Station 23/03/20, CANCELLED

Stratton Street Community Centre: Nine Elms Lane, Park Village, WV10 9AJ
Fallings Park Fire Station: 252 Bushbury Road, WV10 0NL
Holy Trinity Church: Bushbury Road, WV10 0LY

Low Hill

Police Base 20/05/19, 6:30pm

Police Base 4/07/19, 6:30pm

Police Base 3/09/19, 6:30pm

Police Base 7/11/19, 6:30pm

Police Base 27/01/20, 6:30pm

Police Base 30/03/20, CANCELLED

Low Hill Police Base: Fifth Avenue, WV10 9SS


St Mary's Church 16/05/19, 10am

NEWA Academy 11/07/19, 6:30pm

St Mary's Church 11/09/19, 10am

NEWA 25/11/19, 6:30pm

St Mary's Church 24/01/20, 10am


St Mary's Church: Bushbury Lane, WV10 8JP
NEW Academy: Marsh Lane, Fordhouses, WV10 6SE

Bilston North

The Parish Centre 03/06/19, 7pm

The Parish Centre 8/07/19, 7pm

The Parish Centre 11/09/19, 7pm

The Parish Centre 26/11/19, 7pm

The Parish Centre 13/01/20, 7pm

The Parish Centre 09/03/20, 7pm

The Parish Centre at St Chad's: Connaught Road, WV14 6NY

Bilston East

The Lunt 16/05/19, 6:30pm

The Lunt 09/07/19, 6:30pm

The Lunt 19/09/19, 6:30pm

The Lunt 12/11/19, 6:30pm

The Lunt 23/01/20, 6:30pm

The Lunt 17/03/20, 6:30pm

The Lunt Community Centre: Lunt Road, WV14 7HF


People's Centre 21/05/19, 6:30pm

Outside the Elisabeth Arms pub on Overfield Drive People's Centre 3/07/19, 6:30pm

People's Centre 4/09/19, 6:30pm

People's Centre 25/11/19, 6:30pm

People's Centre 8/01/20, 6:30pm

People's Centre 10/03/20, 6:30pm

Bilston People's Centre: Excel Church, Wolverhampton Street, WV14 0LT

East Park

St Matthew's 06/06/19, 7pm

St Matthew's 16/07/19, 7pm

St Matthew's 17/09/19, 7pm

St Matthew's 18/11/19, 7pm

St Matthew's 21/01/20, 7pm

St Matthew's 5/03/20, 7pm

St Matthew's Church: East Park Way, WV1 2DN

Spring Vale

Lanesfield Primary 23/05/19, 6:30pm

Lanesfield Primary 2/07/19, 6:30pm

Lanesfield Primary 3/09/19, 6:30pm

Lanesfield Primary 14/11/19, 6:30pm

Lanesfield Primary 7/01/20. 6:30pm

Lanesfield Primary 03/03/20, 6:30pm

Lanesfield Primary School: Newman Avenue, WV4 6BZ


Bob Jones 05/06/19, 6pm

Bob Jones 4/07/19, 6pm

Bob Jones 05/09/19, 6pm

Bob Jones 7/11/19, 6pm

Bob Jones 9/01/20, 6pm

Bob Jones 11/03/20, 6pm

Bob Jones Community Hub: Bromley Street, WV2 3AS

Useful Contact Information

Non police emergency number 101 – You can also report non-emergency issues online and receive a crime number using the West Midlands Police website.

To report Anti-Social Behaviour: 01902 551188

For council enquiries, including: street lighting, highways, fly-tipping, rubbish and dog fouling call City Direct on 01902 551155. You can also download the ‘report it’ app on to your mobile phone to report issues to the council, the app will allow you upload pictures and pinpoint on the online map the location of the issue.