safer communities for those who live, work and visit Wolverhampton
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safer wolverhampton partnership

Safer Wolverhampton Partnership (SWP) comprises a range of partners committed to working together to tackle issues of crime and community safety in a coordinated way to deliver a collective response. As a statutory body and the City's Community Safety Partnership (CSP), SWP performs statutory functions which it delivers to fulfil its legal obligations.

The key underlying theme driving SWP business is its commitment to deliver safer communities for those who live, work and visit Wolverhampton. The approach is intelligence-led; using all available data and information to determine priorities for the coming year. This includes a full commitment to consulting with communities and responding to their needs through a responsive neighbourhood structure as well as strategic decision making to ensure effective forward planning occurs, resources are deployed effectively and partner commitment is secured.

A significant proportion of issues around crime and community safety, cut across a range of themes. Where shared areas of responsibility exist there is a commitment to work collaboratively, adopting openness and transparency, to share intelligence and to communicate. These are the underlying principles of joint working.

The board is currently chaired by Chief Superintendent Richard Fisher.