Gangs and youth violence

Preventing Gang Involvement and Youth Violence

SWP have a Gangs Strategy in place and a robust action plan to ensure the successful delivery of the strategic priorities within the document. To read the document please click here.

There is a strong focus on providing early intervention and preventative activities to those at risk of, and to those already affiliated with gangs and engaged in violence.

The Gangs Steering Group is a partnership meeting with members from both statutory and third sector organisations. The group, through their respective organisations work to highlight emerging issues across the city which are then built into the ongoing action plan.

Current Projects

Critical Call Out Mediation

This service is deployed as a response to escalating gang and youth violence tensions. The fully trained mediators provide support to individuals who have been directly involved in incidents as well as to the wider family and community. This service has proved invaluable in providing community reassurance and reducing the risk of further incidents.

Girls Allowed Project

Funded by Comic Relief, this programme focuses on young women aged 9-19 who have been involved in, or are vulnerable to gangs. A comprehensive programme of interventions is being delivered by several partners in a joined-up way to provide:

  • Support to prevent girls from harm and making choices that negatively impact on their lives and affect their futures
  • Support to the girl’s families to help improve relationships and support at home

Projects available include Mentoring, outreach, neighbourhood based family support, group support, sports programmes, drama and video projects and key worker support.

To make a referral you can call the 24-hour telephone number 01902 328979 and leave a message for a call back or you can email with information and someone will call you back.