Police Partnership

Wolverhampton Police is made up of 23 Neighbourhood Zone’s (shown on the map below) which are covered by 9 Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are made up of one Sergeant and a number of Police Officers and PCSO’s.

You can find out who your Neighbourhood Team are by going to West Midlands Police Website:  https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/your-local-police/wolverhampton?field_post_code_areas_value=Wolverhampton 

Here you will find how you can contact your local team and see the latest news.

When to Contact the Police

Report an incident (non-emergency) via the Police Website:

You can now use the Police website to report or track an Incident. Clicking on the home page will take you straight to the reporting area: 


Call 101 in a non-emergency:

A non-emergency call could be to report theft of a vehicle, damage to property, suspected drug use or dealing, minor traffic accidents, to give us information about crime or speak to us about a general enquiry.

Use 999 in an emergency:

When a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, there is danger to life or violence is being used or threatened.

Keep Up to Date

By signing up to WM now you will receive information and updates specific to your local area. You can sign up at www.wmnow.co.uk

You can also follow your local police on Twitter to get regular updates on what is happening in Wolverhampton. Search for @wvpartnerships and like us!

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